Remove Shortcut Virus in 3 Easy Ways

What is Shortcut Virus?
Shortcut-virus is a virus which Enters in to your Pen drive, PC, Hard Disk, Memory cards or mobile phone and change your files into shortcuts with the original folder icons.

When you Plugin your Pen drive in Your friend’s Shortcut-Virus affected PC or when you insert your Friends virus infected USB to your Computer, You may get this virus too. Be cautious before Pairing devices, I have seen this problem in PC having antivirus too.  Below are the 3 best Methods to Delete this Shortcut-Virus.

1 Remove Shortcut Virus using CMD (Command Prompt),
2 Use WinRAR to get original Files.
3 Shortcut Virus Remover.

1. Remove Shortcut virus using CMD
Here are the Steps to Remove the Shortcut-virus using CMD, Using Command Prompt to remove a virus and recover files is the best way and there are 95% Possibilities of virus removal. This Method Removes Shortcut virus from Pen drive, Memory cards, PC, Hard disk, and even Mobiles. Just follow the steps given below

▪ Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.
▪ Go to your pen drive memory cards or mobile phone directory.
▪ Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.* (Where e is the Drive Label )
▪ And then press Enter.

2. Use WINRAR to Get Original Files
Even after using CMD if still the shortcut virus remains, you can use the WinRar to Recover back the files, Since WinRar allows one process to execute and no Shortcut virus could work inside the WinRar Just follow the below-given instructions
▪ Open WINRAR Application.
▪ Navigate to your Pen drive location or PC Folder location.
▪ Copy Files and Paste where you want.
▪ Format your Pen drive.

3. Shortcut virus Remover
The Shortcut virus Runs in the Task Manager Process, and you can easily find and delete the “Wscript.vbs” and also here is a software to remove the file in seconds Shortcut-virus remover.

Precautions to Avoid Shortcut-Virus:
Following are the Precautions to be taken to avoid Shortcut-virus from Entering into your personal devices,
1 Disable Autorun, So that Pendrive won’t runs automatically
2 Scan for virus and then use the Pendrive,
3 Don’t use Pendrive in Public PC’s.
4 Don’t use Harmful websites.
5 Keep your Antivirus upto date.

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